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Liz Hathaway


Growing up in Essex County, Liz benefited greatly from the amount of quality musicians in the area who dedicated their time and efforts to instilling a love of music into the community. She began flute lessons at the age of 7 through a summer music program and joined every band her elementary, middle, and high school had to offer, while studying under Becky Vega and Carron Moroney. She also participated in choir, handbells, and the Orff instrumental group at her church for many years. After graduating high school, Liz was able to give back to the same music program that had inspired her earlier, this time as a music theory teacher.

After high school Liz moved to Washington DC to pursue her B.A degree in Anthropology & Human Services from George Washington University. Although she ultimately decided not to pursue music in college as a major, she did continue to study privately under Stephani Stang in order to become an even better musician for her own personal fulfillment. Unable to completely walk away from the music department, Liz ended up graduating from with a music minor, which she credits as being one of the best stress relievers in college. 

As an administrator at Lindeblad, Liz brings diverse administrative experience from many sectors– nonprofit, governmental, educational, and private business. She is passionate about program planning and vision building, especially as it pertains to educational programs, and is excited to be a part of the team at the Lindeblad School of Music. In her spare time, Liz enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, volunteering with the youth ministry and directing the handbell choir at her church.