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Little Melodies

Little Melodies is a fun mommy-and-me style music class for ages 5+ months. Together enjoy learning about various musical concepts, playing instruments, creative movements and singing in multiple languages from around the world. Music at a young age helps improve fine and gross motor skills, strengthen social skills, build teamwork, teach spatial awareness and develop cognitive skills. Daddy & grandparents welcome! 

(Ages 2.5+)

Kindermusik ABC Music & Me is an award-winning music-enrichment program. Songs, rhythms and playing instruments while participating in fun group activities improve language development and word recognition, strengthen fine-motor skills, build hand-eye coordination, cultivate sharing and self-control and encourage overall development. 

Led by our Kindermusik licensed educator, our research-based programs will enhance your child's development and instill a lifelong love of music.  

Getting Started

We encourage parents and students interested in joining our program to contact us to schedule a a visit!

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