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Audition Prep for Musical Theatre

Get the role of your dreams!  Whether at your school or in the community, there are so many opportunities for rising musical theater stars. It can be hard to know where to start or how to prepare for the audition.  

This is a class for those who are exploring musical theatre and want to build confidence, skills, and experience in order to succeed at their next audition.  Students will learn the basics of acting, singing, and dancing while they work towards preparing for their upcoming audition. Learn audition technique and etiquette and have a "mock audition" experience.  Some teaching tools will include acting games, improvisation, scenes, vocalises, and sound scapes.  At the end of this 10-week class, students will be ready to audition confidently for their next show! Beginners welcome. 

Join LSM students in auditioning at some of the following musical theater companies in the area.  

  • Mayo PAC Spring Musical (audition in February)

  • Paper Mill Playhouse Summer Conservatory (audition in February)

  • Rhino Theatre  (shows throughout the year)

  • Gas Lamp players (shows throughout the year)

  • and many more!

Classes are led by Ms. Jessica Walch
Assisted by Ms. Susan Ramirez, Choreographer

Class Schedule 

Musical Theatre Audition Prep Class
247.50 495.00

Ages 7 - 14
Tuesdays at 7:00pm (55min)
Class dates: 10/1/2019 - 12/10/2019 (off 11/26)
Sibling FREE (must be ages 7 - 14)

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For interested students, one-on-one coaching is available for extra help preparing for your big audition!  Contact us!