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Finding Your Confidence: Yogavoice for Performance Practice

Students can expect yoga postures, meditation, and breathing in class. Arrive to class in comfortable clothing to stretch and move in, with your Yoga mat. The goal of YOGAVOICE® is to cultivate awareness that leads to authentic Self-expression. Students will discover their performance purpose and individuality. With newfound confidence, self-esteem, and a stress-free mindset students excel in performance.

YOGA VOICE® is a unique, 21st Century pedagogical approach to understanding and embodying vocal and artistic wellness.  YOGA VOICE® training endeavors to develop the Self-awareness that leads to clear and honest Self-expression. YOGA VOICE® works organically with an individual to bring balance and integrity to both the physical instrument and the creative Self.  By harmonizing the traditional teachings of Classical Yoga, Chakra Theory, Karma Yoga, Sound Yoga, and Systematic Vocal Technique, YOGAVOICE® addresses and works with the individual as a creative and artistic whole.


Certified yogavoice practitioner,  Kristin Roney's teaching style is holistic and process-, not product-, focused.  She teaches mindful deliberate practice, which is tailored to the needs of the individual. Ms. Kristin is the chair of vocal department at our school, and she actively performs and teaches in the New York-Metropolitan area.


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