Karen Roosa

Office Manager

A native of England, Karen joined Lindeblad School of Music in January 2014. She has an extensive administrative background as an office manager for several European import companies who manufactured and sold luxury goods to retailers in the US as well as a life long love of music. 

Her favorite experience in the retail industry was at the company Build A Bear. It was a magical environment for children and wonderful getting to meet so many families. It was this that lead Karen to Lindeblad School of Music. Karen finds working with children enlightening and thrives in a positive environment that fosters creativity and imagination. 

Karen's love of music started at a young age. Being exposed to a variety of genres of music, Karen enjoys attending concerts, participating in choir, and being a part of the music making process at the Lindeblad School of Music. 

Karen is a full-time office manger at Lindeblad Piano Restoration and enjoys being a part of Lindeblad School of Music administrative team.  Karen holds a bachelors of arts degree from Rutgers University in History. 

Recently married, Karen's other great loves are her two grown children as well as her chihuahua, Princess.