Dedicated to providing students with an exceptional educational and artistic experience.  Our students say coming to classes and lessons at the Lindeblad School of Music is the highlight of their week. Join us!  

Powerful and elegant, the piano is a foundational instrument, possessing an unparalleled grandiose and timeless quality. Students learn the intricate details of piano technique while exploring it's immense and expressive potential. The tactile nature of the instrument allows for the fundamentals of music to be learned through a comprehensive audio and visual approach.

Your voice is the most accessible instrument; it is with you whoever you are. The curriculum of our voice program is intended to provide instruction in developing masterful technique and musicality. As a beginner or advanced student, our knowledgeable faculty can deliver the instruction you need to develop a  perfectly tuned, flexible instrument. 

Orchestral stringed instruments possess tremendous expressive potential through their vast range of pitch and endless array of available tone colors. Our classically trained violin, viola and cello teachers provide instruction in proper technique, finger positions and bowing to achieve a lush, lyrical quality. Taught in a traditional method approach or in Suzuki-style lessons. 

Passionate and subtle, the guitar is one of the most versatile instruments, it's timbre adding unique character to solo and ensemble performances. The musicality of the guitar is detailed and limitless, to achieve this outcome our guitar faculty instruct students in hand positioning, posture, and technique on this influential instrument.