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Our Music Theory & Aural Skills classes help prepare students for Royal Conservatory Music Development Program assessments. Classes run September through June. September class enrollment is based on RCM level or in-class assessment. Students may progress to the next class level in January based on RCM exam results or in-class assessment. For students who are at an Advanced Theory level or RCM level 6+, we offer private theory lesson options as well as precollege theory classes.

Learning to listen while performing and practicing is one of the most important aspects of musicianship. Through our RCM Music Theory & Aural Skills program, students are guided to identify fundamental elements such as intervals, chords, cadences, and rhythmic patterns, which supports the development of critical listening skills. Building knowledge in music theory and understanding of the musical language will lead to lifelong enjoyment of music-making. Through this program, students are guided to acquire the skills that will enable them to learn music efficiently.

$40 monthly for Current Students
Book fee not included.

Interested students, please contact the front desk at 973.439.7292 or email


Group classes start Tuesday, September 5th. 

RCM Level 1
Tuesday at 4:00pm | 30 minutes | Taught by Ms. Kristin Roney

RCM Level 2
Tuesday at 4:30pm | 30 minutes | Taught by Ms. Kristin Roney

RCM Level 3
Tuesday at 5:00pm | 30 minutes | Taught by Ms. Kristin Roney

RCM Level 4
Tuesday at 5:30pm | 30 minutes | Taught by Ms. Kristin Roney

RCM Combined Level 5 & 6
Tuesday at 7:00pm | 45 minutes | Taught by Ms. Kristin Roney

RCM Level 7+
Contact our office for private music theory lesson options, or visit our pre-college program page for more information on advanced Theory classes.