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Vocal Department

Whether studying opera, music theater, or modern pop music, the basics of voice technique are still be applied. Technique refers to the way that we are able to control our singing voices, and in traditional terms this group of techniques (way of singing) is called Bel Canto. Bel Canto is Italian for beautiful singing, which is the goal of every singer, regardless of style. At the Lindeblad School of Music we welcome all types of singers. It is our goal to use a combination of traditional Bel Canto and Music Theater repertoire to help singers master their individual techniques so they can apply them to whatever music they choose to sing.

There are many opportunities for our vocal department students to perform throughout the year as well as develop ensemble technique by joining our choir program. Many vocal students participate in auditions, competitions, and performances, therefore we offer twice a year vocal departmental recitals in addition to monthly performance workshop, school recitals, and more to prepare students for their auditions and performances.  

We also offer a Pre-College program in preparation for auditions, competition and career-building for serious students focused on attending music school and pursuing music as a career. 

For all school events, a professional accompanist is provided. 

Private Voice Lessons

Private voice lessons provide focused, one-on-one instruction, while guiding students to develop their unique talents at their own pace. Lessons establish a solid foundation in theory, repertoire and polished technique. Students are exposed to a variety of musical concepts and skills while being inspired to achieve their goals. Having studied at some of the most prestigious universities our faculty are highly-successful, experienced and caring musicians and teachers.

Each student is paired with a member of our faculty who will assess needs and guide students towards achieving their goals. Lessons are offered in 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes intervals. For students ages 9+
we recommend 30 - 45 minute lessons. More advanced students may opt for longer lessons between
45 - 60 minutes. Students under the age of 9 with piano or theory experience may begin private vocal lessons starting at 15 minutes. 

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Getting Started

We encourage all students interested in private lessons to visit us for an information session. Share your goals and questions with us. It will help us determine which teacher may be the right match for you. 

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