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Developing confidence and style as a performer is a challenging yet essential part of developing as an artist. At the Lindeblad School of Music
we offer a variety of performance opportunities in a positive atmosphere, encouraging our students to grow as artists and develop their
self-confidence. Moving music from the practice room to the stage allows us to communicate our art and expression while enriching our communities.

Here are a few of our performance opportunities available to our students throughout the year.

Piano Fest

A unique opportunity for piano students to perform in front of their peers in a masterclass-style setting. Presented by highly-qualified judges in a friendly and
competitive environment, students will receive an evaluation of musicianship,
technique and performance. Memorization is preferred. Trophies will be awarded.

Sunday, November 12th, 2017 at Lindeblad School of Music. 


Student Showcase at Carnegie Hall 

"How do you get to Carnegie Hall" "Practice. Practice. Practice." 

We are committed to excellence and that means providing our students with the best opportunities. Each year the Lindeblad School of Music hosts an audition-based recital at this world-renowned stage located in New York City. 


Student Recital at Montclair State University 

The Lindeblad School of Music hosts bi-annual school-wide recitals at the Jed Leshowitz Recital Hall at Montclair State University. All private lesson students are welcome to perform on this stunning, acoustically-impressive stage. 


Concerto Concert at Merkin Concert Hall in NYC

We are excited to present our students with the opportunity to audition and perform as featured soloists with the Vari Musicisti Orchestra led by our very own piano faculty member, Rob Keiser at the Merkin Concert Hall, an elegant and sophisticated modern performance venue in New York City.


Studio Recitals

Through out the year the Lindeblad School of Music hosts free departmental and studio recitals for our private lesson students in the comfort and familiarity of the Lindeblad School of Music performance space.  


Performance Workshops - Saturday at 2pm Monthly

Students gain experience performing in front of an audience while learning proper stage etiquette, encouraging growth and developing a sense of self-confidence in a positive atmosphere. All LSM students are welcome to participate and can sign-up at the front lobby.

Royal Conservatory Music Development Program

This nationally recognized assessment program begins at a preparatory level and runs through an advanced performance diploma level. This optional assessment occurs in May and December each year, and available for piano, voice, guitar, and violin students. For more information: