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Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Talent Education was developed by internationally famed violinist and educator, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. This method has proven to be successful worldwide in providing a nurturing and inspiring learning experience to young violin students. Our students will receive individual instruction during weekly private lessons as well as weekly 45-minute group classes with our Suzuki-trained instructor. The group class is an essential element of the Suzuki Method that is designed to increase confidence, discipline and motivation while enjoying the companionship of playing with other violin students. The goal of the Suzuki Method is not only to provide high quality lessons but to discover and develop each child’s extraordinary potential and character through the course of learning to play the violin.

Lesson Plan

The Suzuki method was developed to teach very young children to play violin the same way they learn to speak, through imitation. Students are taught to play by each so they can fully focus on developing proper form and technique, introducing note-reading later. Traditional lesson methods introduce note reading to beginners but younger students often struggle when learning to keep a good form and read notes at the same time. Our teacher specializes in customizing lesson plans according to each student’s needs to ensure they receive well-rounded music lessons.

Parental Involvement

One of the key elements in the Suzuki Method is the participation of parents. This is especially important for younger students as the parents often practice with their child at home. Parents are encouraged to attend all lessons, and learn as the child learns. The support and guidance of the parents at home help to ensure consistency and efficiency in practice while sharing quality time together with mutual interest in the task. 

Suzuki Group Class

45 minutes | $40 monthly tuition for LSM students | Young Beginner Welcome!
Tuesday at 5pm OR Thursday at 6pm

Students must be enrolled in weekly private violin lesson to participate in our Suzuki Group Class.
Taught by Ms. Ruth.